Lotus Knows (How to Market?)

My latest from Intranet Journal is out now, Lotus To Launch Lotus Knows Campaign discusses the new Lotus Knows marketing initiative as well as the upcoming Lotus Knows Idea Jam where you can contribute your ideas for what ‘Lotus knows…” I’m actually excited about this marketing campaign. We, as a collective whole, have been bitching for years that Lotus seemed to abandon any marketing efforts. It seems like that is no longer the case, and Lotus are going about it in a way I like quite a bit:

I find it refreshing that Lotus is listening to the community in this fashion. It’s using a product that runs on Domino, utilizing people who love the product, to collaborate on a marketing message that should resonate with end users. It’s an shining example of what can be accomplished with the platform beyond email and calendaring.

So get yourself registered for the Lotus Knows Idea Jam that starts this Wednesday. Let’s help Lotus make this thing actually work.