IE8 and Lotus Notes 8.5 do not play nice

Okay, I’m sure this is old hat to some, but we just happened upon it, so I thought I’d share.

We recently had a power user here who upgraded his Internet Explorer to version 8. Once he did that, any email he opened in Lotus Notes 8.5 with HTML embedded would take 30-45 seconds to open before it would render. We looked around and found a lot of people having the same issue, and most of them were fixed simply be reverting the browser back to IE7. Well our user’s computer would not uninstall IE8 for some reason, so he was stuck with it. So, there are two ways to use the Notes browser rather than the OS default. The first is a notes.ini parameter:


The second is in Basic Notes Client Config under the Additional Options at the bottom:

Disable embedded browser for MIME mail

That option actually places that .ini setting into the notes.ini so you can accomplish it either way. I don’t like the wording in the Additional Options though. Disable embedded browser to me means that it is disabling the browser embedded in Notes, not the OS browser. Anyway, you can read all about it in the IBM Technote.