Sametime Unified Communications at VoiceCon

Just got off a phonecall with Alistair Rennie, Bruce Morse, Marisa Viveros and Erica Topolski from IBM Lotus.  Erica arranged a blogger Q&A session for the announcements surrounding VoiceCon.  I’ve put the entire press release in the permalink link below, but here’s what you need to get out of it in short form:

  • Sametime Unified Telephony will be available in July 2009
  • There are already 14 partners on board including service and hardware vendors
  • IBM Lotus are basing SUT on industry standards so anyone can interoperate with SUT.  
  • There is a Sametime Validation Program available that will allow more vendors to be validated
  • They are obviously selling services that can help you put in SUT
  • I asked if this makes sense to be put into a Foundations box and Alistair said that yes, indeed it made sense, and was already being looked at.

    In all it was a great intimate call, and Sametime Unified Telephony looks really cool, now I gotta push my VOIP vendor to get validated.


    P.S.  As always MANY thanks to Erica for thinking of the community…