OGS Live Blog!

Alright everyone, I’ve moved the text of the live blog into the Read More link so it doesn’t take up too much space here on the blog.  I hope those that followed along enjoyed it and felt a little bit like you were there.

It was a great experience for me, and I think it was really cool that they let the bloggers have power and beanbags.  It was definitely a cool experience to kick back with the laptop on the beanbag and blog the session.

As for the OGS, I think the format was really well done, the live customers were a must (hated the old videos) and everything flowed very nicely.  No real big news bombshells this year, although the blackberry integration points are very nice and almost make me wanna give up the iPhone… almost.


Anyway, I’ll keep posting all week, and I’ll have a story in Intranet Journal tomorrow talking about this first day of Lotusphere.  And, when I get to "developing" the RAW images from the camera, I’ll get those posted as well.

So stay tuned…  The full text of the live blog of OGS when you click PERMALINK.