No blogger pit for me :-(

Earlier today I spoke about the blogger pit that is happening for tomorrow’s Opening General Session. There are a lot of rumors circulating about what the pit entails, but we do know that it is assigned seating. As in every seat will have the appropriate blogger’s name on it.

The unfortunate thing is, since I wear two hats, Press ( Intranet Journal ) and Blogger, that I’ve ended up on the Press side of things when it comes to the pit as there is limited seating. I understand it completely as Intranet Journal was the original reason I was here (and have been the last two years) but I’ll be a little bummed when all my blogger commrades are in the blogger pit, and I’m over in the Press/Analyst section.

Next it’ll depend on how cool the pit is to see how jealous I have to be.


Either way, the blogger coverage will be sensational and I want to give a huge gushing thanks to IBM Lotus for recognizing the community like they have this year. They are going above and beyond, and it’s terribly cool of them to do so! THANKS!!!