Current Photo – Should I lose the beard?

Current Headshot, originally uploaded by Greyhawk68.

Hey there, I just wanted to post a current picture so you can recognize me at Lotusphere this year. This was taken this morning with my iSight camera in the MacBook Pro.

I’ve got the start of a decent beard going on here in addition to my normal mustache/soul patch combo. I’m wondering if I should keep it for the Sphere or go clean shaven. Not sure yet, anyone have any preference? 🙂

I guess I could show up with a beard, and then pull a Robichaux and shave part of it off each day, thus revealing different beard stylings. (Mutton Chops for the win!) Anyway, now you can recognize me hopefully.

I’ll also be using BrightKite and Chris Miller’s iDoCheckin so you can find me at the event. I’ll post more about that soon…