2008 in the rear view mirror

Well it’s about that time again where I review how I did on my resolutions from last year. So without further adieu, here we go.

  • Get Healthier – I was supposed to lose weight and eat more healthy stuff, and I did really well with that for about the first half of the year, including eating a salad almost every day at lunch at the place across the street from work. Well that place closed, and then it wasn’t so easy to accomplish, so I kinda fell off that wagon. I drink almost no pop now which is a big change, and have been drinking more tea, so those things help, we even had a lot of fun with WiiFit too and my weight was trending downward. Then I got sick for a couple weeks and never visited WiiFit again. [sigh] So yeah, only about half good on this front, and you wouldn’t know it now.
  • Get back to web/notes developing a bit – Haven’t really touched a damn thing. It really sucks, but at least I have laid the foundation. I’ve got a new server at home with VMWare Workstation that is waiting to run Domino 8.5. Once that puppy is released I’m going to really check out the XPages stuff. Hitting a lot of those sessions at Lotusphere too, so hopefully I’ll get going on this.
  • Listen to more music – This was hands down my best resolution. Since I started driving to work I’ve had a ton of time in the car, and I’ve used it well. I’m constantly listening to new music on the iPhone and updating stuff in my collection. The Sonos is on constantly at home, and new accounts on Pandora, last.fm and Napster have contributed greatly. I’ve also taken my Sirius satellite radio to work frequently, so I’ve been exposed to music from everywhere. It was a great year for that!
  • Do more with my photography – Another one I did kind of half-assed. I’ve created a couple nice photo books, and I’ve taken some portraits of my daughters that I am really proud of. I feel that they are really professional quality stuff. I even had one of my pictures on flickr end up in a curriculum for a college, so that was pretty cool. I still feel I should be doing more though. I recently bought a book to learn layers in Photoshop, and I plan on doing a 52 week challenge where I take photos and post at least one a week on flickr. I have been viewing the most interesting pictures on flickr every week and it’s really been inspiring me to do more. So I shall do more.

So it wasn’t a great showing, but I think this year will be better. I’ve got some plans that should really help, so we’ll see how it goes. So how was your year?