Domino Administrator FAIL – Thus I FAIL

Editing Multiple ACL's
Okay, when you are in the Domino Administrator, you can choose multiple databases and then manage their ACL all at once. You can add an entry, or like what I wanted to do above, you might want to change the Administration server of your databases.

Well I had seen some inconsistencies in the administration server of several databases that was causing adminp processes to fail. So I figured I would just select all the mail files on a server, and properly set the Administration server using the above method. Should be pretty easy.

Well look at the screenshot. I clicked the Modify Administration Server setting check box, and then I chose the server I wanted to change it to (the blue blurred out bit.) I then clicked OK and it set the admin server for all of the databases I had selected. Any eagle-eyed admins notice what’s wrong? The NONE radio button is still chosen. It didn’t automatically change to SERVER when I actually chose a server. Also, even though the radio button was on NONE, it still allowed me to choose a server from the drop-down. So even though I thought I added the right admin server, I actually set the admin server on all the databases to NONE. Makes it kinda hard for adminp to do its job dontchathink?

Now I KNOW that this is my fault because I didn’t notice that the radio button still said NONE, but I think that from a UI standard perspective, I shouldn’t be allowed to choose a server if the radio button says NONE. Or if I can choose a server, the radio button should automatically change to say SERVER.

Oh well, At least by setting all of my mail file’s Administration Servers to say NONE, I can now be a part of Worst Practices.