Adobe Lightroom 2 has been released!

Today Adobe released version 2 of my favorite image management program, Adobe Lightroom. I use Lightroom to manage my entire digital image library. I keep everything in RAW (and you should to) then I adjust and export (i.e. develop) when I need a JPEG to send to people or to post on places like flickr.

I’ve been really excited to see the new version, and I can’t wait to get home tonight and start playing around. The new 64-bit support and memory management on my iMac should make the program just scream.

To see some of what did and didn’t make it into Lightroom 2, check out Scott Kelby’s post entitled Lightroom 2 Vs. My Lightroom 2 ‘Wish List’.

EDIT: Tons of information on the improvements here at the Lightroom Journal blog too. Camera Profiles, Multiple Monitor Support, better keywording and tagging, a killer adjustment brush, better SDK. This thing rocks…