We have had a cool spring for new life

Been quiet for a couple weeks, sorry about that. In the middle of my dry stretch I had a work trip to Las Vegas where we set up our new VOIP system in the Vegas office. It works great, but it was three days of cable testing and plugging in phones in the desert.  In the evening I got to gamble a bit and I came out ahead $22 after about 5 hours of $11/hand Pai-Gow Poker. So it was a productive trip both on the business and fun side.

Anyway, the reason I’m posting is because I thought something we went through here was really cool. My eldest daughter had a robin family set up a nest on the window sill right outside her window where her bed is. When we first noticed it, it had 3 blue robin eggs in it. Well my girls checked on the nest all the time until one-by-one, they all hatched into little chicks. One disappeared early on, but the other two were nurtured into little baby robins and yesterday they set off on their own. The picture below was the final baby before he left the nest.

Baby Bird
This was the second cool circle of life we’ve seen this spring. Early on, the girls found a furry bear caterpillar. They brought it in and put it in a jar. Shorly after, it created a chrysalis. For two weeks the chrysalis sat until one day a bright orange moth emerged. They took it outside and let it fly away.

We homeschool, so to have two instances of life science like this just fall into our laps was a wonderful thing. The girls loved it and learned a lot.

Now I should probably tell them that the baby bird ate the moth 🙂