iPhone call to action – Please contribute

Well after the previous post where I displayed my dismay at the lack of any Lotus Notes “enterprise” support for the upcoming iPhone, I was (rightly) chastised by famed Lotus defender (and friend of mine), John Head for just bitching and not doing anything. I was also informed by Ed Brill (like he states on his blog) that we, as customers, need to let Apple know there is a demand for this. So fine. I’m doing something.

I posted Please Support Lotus Notes as an Enterprise Platform on the Apple forums. Please jump in and add in your two cents if at all possible.

Next, I signed the petition that Nathan set up asking for Lotus Notes support on the iPhone.

Also, for the heck of it, email Steve Jobs. It may do nothing if one or two of us do, but if 500-1000 do, maybe so. sjobs@apple.com is the address. Have fun, and BE NICE about it.

Happy now John?

Don’t forget IdeaJam either!