The joy of the disconnect

A couple of weeks ago I took the family on vacation for a couple of days. But, I made the conscious effort to be connected as little as possible. I didn’t really follow twitter, I didn’t blog, I didn’t read the blogs, I didn’t even really follow email at all that week. I just unplugged.

It was pretty nice actually. You forget just how nice that can be when you are jacked in all the time. And after that week, I started reading again, but still didn’t totally jump back into twitter and some of the other social things that demand so much attention. Then this weekend we spent at my parents farm in the middle of nowhere. I hugged horses and listened to birds and watched hawks glide through the sky. Then I took the four hour drive back home, and am now really back in the thick of things.

It’s like anything else, you can’t miss something if it doesn’t go away occasionally. So now I’m ready to feel the pulse again… as soon as I catch up on all the damn email!