Try Before You Buy with Lotus Greenhouse

Every month in Intranet Journal, I try to write about a Lotus feature or product that you can use for your intranet. Well this month I decided to clue everyone into the Lotus Greenhouse.

The Lotus Greenhouse site is basically a demonstration site to show off many of the capabilities of IBM Lotus Connections, Quickr and Sametime. It’s all put together in a way that I think many companies would enjoy as their intranet. So if you are a Domino reader and haven’t really experienced any of the new Lotus products, then head on over to the Greenhouse and you can see how it all works together for yourself.

I also mention from Lotus911. is another implementation of Connections from IBM Business Partner Lotus911. This site is also free and can give you a taste what someone else might be able to do with the same technology.

The main point is that you can try before you buy, and see if Quickr, Connections and Sametime can work for you. Check out the article and see what you think.