Liveblogging the Mac Session

I’m currently in the Mac session and will be live blogging it once it starts in 15 minutes. If you are interested in Lotus on the Mac platform, stay tuned!

Here we go!

Over 450 downloads of the beta since Sunday already. Declan is actually running it sitting next to me. Looks sweet.

Session running WITH Symphony on the Mac.

Giving all the huge stats Apple have released about it’s popularity this year. Apple increased it’s market share to 8% this year. iPhone sold 1 milion units in 74 days.

Significant investments that been made. Providing all major Notes features for Notes 8.X and more on OSX. For Notes 8.5 and beyond, they will sync releases with Windows and Linux! No more delays.

8.5 will have both Standard and Basic versions just like Windows. Both will be supported. 10.5 (leopard) is REQUIRED for both Standard and Basic version. Intel Processor only for Standard. Intel and PowerPC for the Basic client. If you are running 10.4 will still have version 7 support going forward too. Release is targeted for Fall 2008. Had to wait for new Eclipse platform, so that’s what caused them to miss the 8.0.1 release.

Productivity Editors (Symphony) will integrate on Mac shortly. Not available with the current beta download.

Domino Web Access. “Intro of the iPhone and improvements to Safari with 3.0 have resulted in increased demand for Safari support.” 8.5 will support Safari 3.0 when it is released. Not quite there yet.

Sametime 8.0 supports Mac OS 10.4 and 10.5. Adeed point to point video support. Sametime Web Conferencing will support application sharing on the Mac in 2H 2008. Current caveats, No MS integration on Mac, no web conferencing support for app sharing

Symphony will require Leopard and will only support Intel Processor. Beta will be made available middle of year.

Quickr on Domino supports the Mac, but Quickr on Websphere does NOT support Mac. Quickr plug-in support for Mac is to be determined.

Connections supports profiles, communities, blogs, dogear and activities. Connections 1.0.2 supports all of that using Firefox 2.0 on Tiger. Leopard support, Safari support and plug-in support for Notes to be determined.

Websphere portal Server supports Mac-based browsers, Firefox 1.5 and 2.0 are supported, Safari 2.0.3 is supported but limited.

Mac 8.5 beta supports Unicode support, implementation of cross-platform ODS files, runtime support of Composite Applications, Integrated Sideshelf components – Feed Reader, Day at a glance, and Sametime Connect. Updated keyviewer support too (file attachments viewer.) No activities in side-shelf, no composite application Editor support, No embedded browser support, and limited drag-and-drop support. Limited install options. Targeting customizable install options.

Work planned for 8.5 release. Imporved NSD support, spotlight search integration, more mac-like user experience, java agent support, embedded browser support, improved language support. Standard disclaimer that features may change by time of release. Man the lawyers are ALL OVER Lotusphere this year.

Demo time. Wow, the demo guy is really hard to understand… I mean really heavy asian accent. feature parity on the Open button. Dockable like windows. Integrated search bar. Showing off day at a glance. Now mail. Looks just like my windows built. Showing off the unicode support with asian character sets. Showing the unread number on the Notes dock icon. Reply with History only is the default. Preview on bottom or side as well.

New mail form shows threading in collapsable sections. So if you open a mail in a thread, the other messages in thread show up in collapsable sections. In-line spell checking is working. Undo support works, Command-Z works! Dynamic addressing works just like windows.

If you open Apple Mail and in preferences you can define Notes as your default email client. So it will take mailto: hyperlinks from your machine and open up Notes now.

Supports all the nice calendar views and pastel colors 🙂 Secondary time-zone support for the calendar. Business Cards view supported in Contacts, as well as standard views in Contacts (by category et. al) Searching is nice, not spotlight yet though 🙁 Showing a composite app. If you design it, it will work. Cannot edit the app in Mac.

Workspace support too. The chiclets are there.

Q&A now. Former Apple employee asking about Domino on Mac OS Server. Answer is no at this point.

Declan asking question now: Administrator and Designer? Will they happen? No plans to support Admin client. Designer will be moving to Eclipse, so Designer is being looked at for a post 8.5 release.

Support for roaming user? A developer says that he is using despite the release notes saying it’s not supported.

DWA for iphone supported in 2H of this year.

All done!