Winmail.dat? Domino 8 or Julian to the rescue!

After my last post, I heard from a couple people that didn’t know that Domino 8 (EDIT: 7.0.2 FP2 as well – thanks Chris) can convert those winmail.dat files into something useful for you. It’s simple to enable by editing the notes.ini, although I think it should be an option in the server document. Anyway, to enable the conversion on a Domino 8 server, add the following line to your notes.ini file:


EDIT: Also, I forgot to mention that you only need to do so on your incoming SMTP server, it will convert there and deliver through your environment. (thanks Thomas)

Now, if you aren’t on Domino 8 (or 7.0.2 FP2) yet, you can still add code to your mail template to allow users to extract data from those pesky winmail.dat files. Julian Robichaux has the WinmailExtractor project over at OpenNTF to help you out!