Pimp my Resolutions: 2008

Okay, a little late, but time for this year’s resolutions!

  • Get Healthier – My triglycerides suck, my weight is up and my asthma has been horrible. This is really my most important resolution, and could have easily been my ONLY resolution. I WILL eat healthier, I WILL exercise, and I WILL lose weight. Past week has been really good in that regard, but it’s early. Still, this is my main priority. I’m not going to falter.
  • Get back to web/notes developing a bit – I tried to work on an old web app I had done awhile ago and realized that my Dev skills have REALLY diminished in the last year. Since I’ve been able to focus on Admin, development has really taken a back seat. I just need to get back to a decent baseline.
  • Listen to more music – I’m a huge music fan, and I just need to make more time to enjoy it. Now that I have all my music on the Mac in the living room, I have more opportunity to categorize and sort my tunes. I also now have the Sonos that will let me listen anywhere in the house where I put a zone. Couple that with the fact that my iPhone always has music on it, and there’s no excuse for me to not listen.
  • Do more with my photography – This last year I spent getting most of my stuff into Adobe Lightroom and tagging it and such. Now I need to frame some more of my art, make some books, and export all the stuff I’ve tagged to JPG so I can upload it to flickr. Also, I should make more time to actually TAKE photographs

So, get healthy, update some skills, enjoy more music and engross myself in more photos. Sounds like a good plan to me.