2007 in the rear view mirror

Well, another year has come and gone, so I should take a look at how I did on my resolutions. Here goes:

  • Stop raising my voice so much when disciplining my kids – I’m very proud of myself on this front. I calmed down quite a bit and didn’t yell nearly as much. It’s still in the toolbox and gets used occasionally, but not all the time like it used to.
  • Keep on writing – Another pretty solid writing year. I felt like I put a lot of good articles out on Intranet Journal, some decent blog entries, and I even wrote something that you should all be able to get your hands on at Lotusphere this year. Stay tuned.
  • Eat Healthier – I did great at this for a couple of month, and then went drastically downhill. I weigh the most I have in a couple years, and recent blood tests have shown that my triglycerides are out of control. This needs to be remedied in the next year.
  • Learn the ins and outs of Vista -I have learned Vista, and it pretty much sucks. It lives on my virtual machine on my work’s MacBook Pro and does well enough for things like Domino Designer. But drivers have been problematic and the user controls on my mother-in-laws laptop have been a pain in the ass. In all, I know Vista, but I really do not like it.
  • Use a Mac as one of my main machines – I have made the switch. I have a MacBook Pro at work and an iMac at home (along with an iPhone.) So this I have done with flying colors. I love OSX and pretty much everything about the Mac platform.
  • Update my personal and business websites – Ahahahahahhahahah. Yup, still haven’t touched them. Although so much of my personal web stuff is tied up in other sites, I may make my personal site a portal to all my social networks and the like. So that may actually happen sooner rather than later.

So for the year, life has been pretty good. My daughters have grown into such wonderful little girls, we’ve gotten our finances in order, work has been good, and my marriage has rocked as always. I am totally thankful for a really good year. Here’s hoping 2008 is even better!