SnTT: Lotusphere Survival Guide

Speaking of Lotusphere, my latest article for Intranet Journal is all about WHY you should go to Lotusphere and what to expect. It’s entitled Lotusphere Survival Guide, and it’s “kind of” true. I do talk about some things you should do, and I link back here to my survival guide I placed on the blog last year. In actuality, the majority of it is meant to tell people what they are missing if they don’t go.

So, if you have a boss that needs convincing to send you, send him the article. If YOU need convincing, read the article. Lotusphere is one of best technical conferences you will ever go to, and if you use Lotus in your environment, you really owe it to yourself to go.

And in case you were wondering, I WILL be there. See you in January!