Losing a bet

Losing a Bet

Well, last year Declan and I had a bet on the Steeler/Dolphins season opener, and I lost. To pay up, I needed to put on a Steelers jersey and wear it proudly on my blog. Well, the day has come to pay up, and that’s what you see above. Myself at Declan and Terri’s house wearing the Black and Gold. Yes, I feel unclean.

The picture was taken after this past Monday night’s rematch of the Dolphins/Steelers. Declan invited me to the game, and we braved a couple inches of rain and cold conditions to have a blast. The field conditions were so bad that punts sunk directly into the field and stopped when they hit rather than bouncing like they normally do. It was pretty amazing. It was the lowest scoring Monday Night Football game ever, and the lowest scoring game in the NFL since 1993. So we were at a game that will become a piece of NFL history. Too bad it ended up Steelers 3, Dolphins 0. I tell you, the Steeler crowd was pretty nervous playing our winless Dolphins. Oh well, it was fun to give them a scare.

Dec, thanks a ton for having me. Terri, equal thanks to you for letting me use your ticket. 🙂

I had a killer time, and now I can’t stop having hunger cravings for a Primanti Brothers Pitts-Burger. A sandwich with cole-slaw and fries RIGHT ON THE BURGER… heavenly.