R.I.P. Fridge 1995-2007

This was Fridge (or Fridgidaire Silverbear on his AKC papers) He was one of the sweetest animals you could have ever met. A couple hours ago, we had to have him put to sleep. He had been battling bulging discs in his neck for the past month, and had been doing pretty well with his medication. But last night he took a big turn for the worse. The neck problems had been causing lameness in his right front paw and he would drag it but still walk on it. Last night, he was laying in the living room and couldn’t stand up. His left side had pretty much been paralyzed. He was too old for surgery, and my wife took him into the vet today. I know she asked the question to the vet “If it was your dog, what would you do?” The answer was the most painful one. Jen was there with him, and i know this is tearing her up.

I’m not doing well either, I should have been there, but went to work instead. I gave him a tearful hug goodbye this morning, figuring it might be the last time I saw him. Unfortunately that was the case.

I helped deliver him when he was born, and his size in the litter garnered him the name Fridge. We never thought we would be keeping him, and we never thought the name would stick. Well both were the case, and we couldn’t have asked for a better dog. And he looked at us, right in the eye, and you could tell that he completely trusted in us and counted on us for love and protection. I’m just glad he didn’t have prolonged pain, but it won’t be the same when I go home tonight.

Jen, I’m so sorry I wasn’t there…