Bruce and da crew be jammin'

No doubt, if you follow the Domino blogosphere at all, you know this already, but my buddy Bruce is launching the IdeaJam website.  IdeaJam allows you to vote on ideas relating to product features for various products.  A big congratulations to himself, Gayle and his code monkeys Phig and Matt.  The site looks great…

Idea Jam for the IBM Lotus Community to launch in November
VANCOUVER, Washington – October 16, 2007

Today Elguji Software announced their new “Elguji Ideas” software will
be used to support a new social networking site for the IBM Lotus Community called “Idea Jam” (

The site will officially launch on Tuesday November 20, 2007.

Idea Jam is a site where users of IBM’s Lotus software products can exchange ideas on how to improve Lotus products.
Others can help promote and/or demote ideas, as well as, providing feedback through comments. Popular ideas will rise
to the top. The Idea Jam, unlike blogs and discussion forums, allows a single place for the Lotus community to share
and promote ideas and suggestions on how to improve IBM Lotus software.

Ideas are grouped into “idea spaces” – which currently include IBM’s Lotus Connections, Lotus Notes and Domino,
Lotus Quickr, Lotus Sametime, Lotus Symphony and Websphere Portal. Additional idea spaces for OpenNTF and Idea
Jam itself will also be available.

Idea Jam includes many features that make the site easy and fun to use:

  • Tags – All ideas can be “tagged” with one or more tags. Users can then use tag clouds to see which tags are
  • RSS – Idea Jam provides RSS feeds for idea spaces, a specific idea, a user or for any given tag.
  • User Profiles – Users can view their ideas, their comments, and the ideas they voted on.
  • Views – Ideas can be viewed by popularity, recent ideas, most comments, recent comments or others. Each
    view also has an associated RSS feed.
  • Unvoted – Users can easily review ideas that they have not voted on.
  • Random – Users can be presented with a random idea to promote or demote.

Elguji Ideas and the Idea Jam were developed by Elguji Software in conjunction with Matt White of Fynn Consulting Ltd.,
London (, and Sean Burgess of Laurel, Maryland ( ). Elguji Ideas
and Idea Jam software were built with IBM Lotus Domino Designer, The MooTools Javascript framework, the Yahoo User
Interface Libraries, Genii Software’s CoexEdit and run on IBM Lotus Domino 8.0.

The Elguji Ideas software will be made available for purchase during the first quarter of 2008. Inquires should be made to

About Elguji Software

Elguji software (pronounced "el-GOO-jee") is an IBM Business Partner located in Vancouver, Washington, USA. Elguji
specializes in custom application development and system administration for IBM Lotus technologies including Lotus
Notes, Lotus Domino, Lotus Quickr and Lotus Sametime. Bruce Elgort, the president of Elguji is the co-founder of
OpenNTF and also host of the popular Taking Notes podcast. Visit for more information.