Birthday's suck for some reason

Today I turned 37. Not a biggie, no milestone or anything like that, but another year in the can. Now I don’t dread birthdays like some people. In fact, I really like them. I like surviving another year and marking the occassion. 🙂

The problem I have is that my birthdays tend to suck. For the past several years they’ve just really not been fun. This year was not an exception.

First off, my wife and kids had been out of town for a week. So I had been a bachelor (more on that in another post) since last Tuesday. They were supposed to get home around six today. I had planned on going into work early so I could get out early and get home. Well, when I got up at 4:30 AM, I felt like crap. Sore throat, headache bordering on migraine, bad back ache. So, I did something I hate doing, and I took a personal day. One that could have been used for a fun day off some other time got burned up because I was sick. Great.

So I then sleep in, and when I get up I look outside. Dark and gloomy. It looked like it was about six o’clock at night all day long. Really missing the girls now too. They had been away a week, and even though I enjoyed time to myself, my house isn’t a home without them there. It was lonely, and gloomy. My head throbbed.

I went about finishing up cleaning the house. Then came the phone call stating that traffic had been really bad, so the girls probably won’t be home until after eight. Great, no birthday dinner. Oh well, they are at least getting home today, so that’s good enough. I plop down on the couch and get some more sleep. When I wake up, I’m starving, and realize that I hadn’t eaten anything all day. I’m feeling a little better now, so I decide that damnit, I’m going to have a dinner I enjoy. So I went out to a nice Asian restaurant and ate supper by myself. Then, for a little extra cheering up, I went to the Apple store!

Even though there was a bunch of stuff I COULD buy, I held off. I then headed home, put up some flowers, lit some candles and waited for my family to arrive. So a cold, gloomy, sick, wasted vacation day where I had a birthday dinner by myself. Just another in a long line of crappy birthdays.

As Cub fans say “There’s always next year!” 🙂