IT Week: Why Notes Sends Me Into Orbit

Okay, when this came through my RSS reader, I just had to chuckle. Lem Bingley of IT Week rants on his blog about a reason for hating Notes. That reason? Because the Sent view is called Sent. Yup, he is incensed that the Sent view is called Sent and he sometimes gets it confused with the Send button. He would prefer that it’s called Outbox. [sigh]

Nevermind that pretty much every single email client in existence calls it sent, and that an outbox is a temporary place for things to reside until they actually LEAVE.

He also rips on Notes for not going through Use Case analysis (citing Wikipedia) to see how users really use a product. So I rightfully pointed him to Mary Beth’s blog and suggested he move off of Notes 6.5 and to Notes 8.