Fun with Quickr

Okay last week, when Quickr hit, I was thrilled. I wanted to get it up and running as soon as humanly possible. You see, the company I work for is in dire need of teamrooms/document management type software. And we’re really close to just saying screw it and going with Sharepoint.

Yes, you read that right.

You see, Lotus had the promise of nice teamrooms/document management with Workplace Services Express. We all know how well THAT went. Anyway, a year later, and our company is tired of waiting. “Hold on for Quickr” I say, “Let’s give it a chance before we chuck money at Microsoft.” So I’ve been given my chance. Time to install Quickr and dazzle and impress the natives with its brilliance.

So I do the following:

  • On a clean machine, install Domino
  • Config Domino to our company standards
  • Install Quickr (sure installs easy)
  • Scratch head

This was due to the fact that the info center about Quickr currently sucks. Bad. I’m brand new to this software, and the docs REALLY don’t help. Doesn’t even tell me if you can use website docs (you can’t) or what the default URL is (/LotusQuickr). I finally figure out the default URL and get to the homepage and try to login. When I do, I get an error. It won’t let me in. I also try to login with the admin username/password that I set up during the install. Also a no-go.

After asking for some help on the forums, I also hit up admin-extraordinaire Chris Miller. Chris helped out a TON, he helped me get my standard settings squared away. And lo-and-behold, he came up with some of the same issues on a default install. So between us we figure out that the admin user has two OU’s in the ACL’s of the databases, but only shows up with ONE OU in the notes.ini. We also find the ACL’s have a super user group created, but that group doesn’t exist in the Domino Directory. So we add that as well. After changing both of those things, both my and Mr. Miller’s Quickr installs start working.

About frickin’ time.

So many thanks to Chris for all his help, and make sure to catch him at Collaboration University next week. It WILL be worth your time! To Lotus, please get some better documentation and fix these bugs pronto!