is imploding

For those of you unaware, is pretty much going out of business. They are losing their ICANN accreditation at the end of this month and you cannot contact them. The major problem for me is that I own 21 domain names that they are my registrar for, including this one. Right now I can still sign on to the site, but the area for my auth codes (the codes needed to transfer elsewhere) are blank.

I’ve left trouble tickets online, and just now I got off the phone after waiting in line in their support queue for TWO FULL HOURS. I called their phone tree, hit the number for support and then waited on hold (with wonderful new age music goodness) from 9:45 AM through 11:45 AM before I finally just hung up.

So first of all, AVOID like the plague folks. Secondly, if you have domains there, you need to start gathering information NOW, cause we might be in for a fight to claim our stuff.

The sad thing is, I’ve had nothing but good luck with them up until now, so this truly sucks. To anyone I’ve ever recommended them to, I’m deeply sorry. If this domain goes dark at some point, you know why…