In the 'It's about time' department

One of the most requested flickr features has always been the ability to create a set of photos nested within another set. Before yesterday, you couldn’t nest sets at all, and it’s been one of the top feature requests dating back to the early flickr days. Why would you want to? Well, say you had sets for Dogs, Cats and Birds and you wanted to easily find them all in one place. You could create a set called Animals, and put the other three inside it. It makes good organizational sense.

Anyway, flickr finally made this feature available as Collections. Collections can nest up to five levels deep, so it should allow people to organize their work a lot better. There is also a preference on whether to show your collections or your sets on your photo page, but not both. So that seems kinda weird, but I’ll live with it. I’m just thrilled that they finally have this option. My collection page can be found here. Right now I only have a Lotusphere collection encompassing photos from the last four Lotusphere’s. Enjoy.

So go on flickerites, happy organizing!