Kudos to RIM Tech Support

Last week, I was doing all of my DST updates (yes, that’s why it’s been quiet around here.) Anyway, one of the things I tried to do over the weekend was install the upgrade to the latest version of the Blackberry server. Needless to say, it crapped out in the middle and wouldn’t go past a certain point. Wouldn’t let me start over either. Just kinda kept me in limbo. So, I would exit out of the install and start the services manually. Despite never finishing the install, I was able to get the Blackberries delivering mail again.

Two days later (last week, leading up to DST D-Day) I called RIM’s Blackberry Enterprise support. I got a guy named Ned, and we walked through backing up the box, uninstalling, reinstalling and getting it running better than it ever has. This was the best support call I have EVER had. The guy was smart, and knew his own product better than me (which sadly almost never happens) He was also thorough, patient (with my slow server) and didn’t dumb it down or follow a script. He knew my tech level and ran with it. After about an hour and a half we had the new install up and running like a champ. This was the one black cloud that was hanging over me last week, and when we finished up I was like a giddy schoolgirl. I was ready for DST damnit.

So if you ever wondered if you should fork out the cash for RIM’s techsupport, there is no question. Simply the best I’ve encountered.