I've seen America's future… and we're screwed

I’m frightened for the future of our country after what I saw yesterday. I’m frightened simply because of a trip to a combination Taco Bell/Kentucky Fried Chicken. Besides the abomination that is created by combining those two franchises under a single roof, the ineptitude of the employees was sad even by today’s vastly lowered standards.

I went inside to order food for my family. I went inside simply because I don’t trust their drive-thru to get the order right based on past experience. I figured that if I actually engaged a real person, I would have a higher likelihood of success. Wow, was I wrong.

You see, the teenage gentleman that attempted to take my order couldn’t find a single key on the register for the food I was ordering. EVERY SINGLE ITEM (and I am NOT exaggerating) I requested he would hunt and peck for, then when he couldn’t find it, he would look at the menu to make sure I wasn’t making something up, and then he would ask a co-worker for help. It’s not like I was ordering weird food. I was ordering burritos, and nachos and quesadillas. Kinda the mainstay of crappy Taco Bell food if you will. Anyway, after this excruciating time, with other employees helping him all the way, he finally finished my order and got it right. I paid, and then moved down the counter to wait for my food.

Another kid (one of the ones helping the dolt at the register) was packing up my food. He was waiting for some final items when the counter-moron asked him for help again. So he went and tried to help him. Finally HE got so pissed that he told the kid to go do something in the back, and took over the register. The girls he was ringing up asked if this was the kid’s first day, to which the guy replied. “No, he’s been here for two months.”

TWO MONTHS?!?!? He was there for two months and couldn’t even work the register? Gahhhhh. So I hear this and really can’t believe it, but I wait patiently for my food. The dolt returns to the register, and the guy that took over told him to deliver my food. The kid goes right to the counter and brings me the bag. He didn’t add anything TO it, so I didn’t really believe my order was finished. I kinda laughed in disbelief and asked if it was all there. He looked at my receipt and rifled through the bag, moving contents all over the place, looking back and forth at the receipt. He smiled and said yes. I took my food and left.

Now I didn’t believe for one second that the order was right, so when I got to my car, I checked it out for myself and found that I was short two items. Now the receipt CLEARLY states at the bottom, in giant bold letters, 10 ITEMS. So if nothing else, you can do a cursory check and make sure the number of items in the bag equals 10. I had eight, and the idiot handed me my food anyway AFTER checking it to say it was right. I went back inside, got my two items and drove home.

I worked fast food, and I know that it was a thankless job, but I was good at it. Good enough to manage a store while still in high school. I would have fired someone so idiotic after two days of that crap. I took pride in my work, and most of my co-workers did too actually. I cannot believe that teenagers are like this. I’ve officially turned into the grumpy old man… “Back in my day…”

If this is what teenagers are nowadays, or country is completely doomed. This is one reason I’m raising good kids, to balance out the idiots. If you are readers of this blog, you are probably good, smart people. PLEASE procreate so we can save our country. That’s right, I’m asking you to go have sex and have kids. Just tell your spouse that Grey told you to.