Plenty of Greyhawk to go around :-)

Wow, what a night. I blame Paul Mooney for all of it, every last bit. You see, he was the brains behind Wild Bill’s birthday bash, so right there the alcohol quotient goes WAY WAY up for my evening. You see, I was good at the Sunday night reception. Didn’t drink a drop. I was saving myself for Jelly Rolls and Bill’s party. But then when I got to the party…wooo boy.

Before I got to Jelly Rolls I took part in Episode 50 of the Taking Notes Podcast. It was fun to do it live in a roomful of people. Enjoyed it immensely.

Then it was on to Jelly Rolls. Now Paul has this thing where he thinks that in every picture I have the “porn star” look. The come hither stare. So every time he took my picture he told me to give the look, and I gave him what he wanted. I violated Declan’s ear, got cozy with the ladies and kissed the Lion King. Obviously, it’s all on camera, so I will probably regret it when I get up in the morning, but oh well, it’s Lotusphere. I have enough of me to go around.

Now it’s nearly two AM and I have to be up for a full day of sessions, and press conferences, and interviews OH MY. Might be a long day… welcome to the Sphere! Oh, and Bill told me that he “loved us all” late in the evening, so I think Paul’s attempt at showing Bill a great birthday really worked out. Now I just hope he shows up for their 11 AM Worst Practices session!