The Greyhawk has landed…2007

Well I have arrived at the Dolphin hotel in Walt Disney world for this year’s annual Lotusphere gathering. The trip couldn’t have been smoother, great flight, quick baggage claim, and quick trip via a Mears shuttle to the hotel. It was a pretty painless uneventful trip for a change.

My room is a little unusual however. I think it’s a converted hospitality suite. I’ve got one double bed that came out of a closet. A phone next to the bed AND a cordless phone. A converta-bed couch, two chairs with a little table between, and a larger dining table with two more chairs. Oh, an it has THREE sinks. One in the bathroom proper, one outside the bathroom and one above the mini-bar in the entryway. Very bizarre, but I’ll take it. I just hope that the bed doesn’t suck since it was one of the foldaway kind. I’ve been looking forward to sleeping on the mattresses here, and this one has me a little wary.

My safe also is in a separate coat closet from the regular closet… and it didn’t work. A quick call to the desk and a guy was up to fix it in about 5 minutes. Very good service. Hope I don’t have to use them again.

Well I’m off to do my press registration, and then I’ll head over to the BALD gathering at 3. Lotusphere begins!