Lotusphere through a different lens

This year, Lotusphere will be a little different for me as I’ll be attending as press instead of just a normal fanboy. I’ll be covering the event for Intranet Journal with about three articles during the week. Make sure to tune in for the in-depth coverage there.

This is going to make the Sphere different for me for a couple of reasons. First are time limitations. I have press conferences, interviews, special keynotes, a press party to attend and my actual articles to find time to write. This definitely cuts into the time I normally spend doing other things. As such, I will probably miss sessions by some of my friends out there. I apologize profusely in advance. My schedule is shaping up to be so hectic that I’ll barely have time to breathe.

This year my boss isn’t going, so I’ll also be tasked with checking out some of the software for our environment, so that means time on the vendor floor, and several special vendor meetings/presentations I already have lined up. I guess this also means being a little more formal. Fewer t-shirts, shorts and sicko buttons.


Anyway, I’ll still post a bunch here, but my meatiest articles will probably reside over at Intranet Journal. Please check both sites to get all the latest. And if you are lazy, just stay tuned here as I’ll link to my other articles for easy consumption.