Say hello to my little friend

Our New FriendWell this afternoon my wife saw three dogs running in traffic in front of our house. She panicked because one of the dogs was a Keeshond, the breed we own. She thought it was one of ours, until she almost ran over our boys while trying to get outside.

When she realized that the dog wasn’t ours, she still wanted to help the three dogs get out of the street, so she went and called to the dogs. The two other dogs ran away, while this girl ran right up to my wife. The other dogs were gone, but she wasn’t going anywhere. So, my wife brought her inside and got her warmed up. She called all of the local shelters and left our name and number in case the owners called looking for the animal.

When I got home, I decided that I would drive around and see if I could find anyone out looking for a dog in the surrounding neighborhoods. Well, no luck. I asked at a local restaurant, and then drove around in the rain with the windows down hoping to hear someone calling for their pooch. You see, if one of my boys had run away, I would look everywhere for them and I would me extremely sad. I figured the least I could do was to try to help the owners.

Well I had no luck, and when I came home and was checking her out, I noticed she had fleas. So out to the store I went and got flea killer for all three dogs, the cat and the carpet. Figure we’ll snuff this right out. Anyway, we’ll keep looking for her owners in the coming days, but if we don’t find them, I think we’ll have a new member of our family. She’s completely sweet, loves the girls, loves attention and is actually very well groomed. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to give her up, so hopefully we can help get her home… even though a little piece of me hopes we don’t 🙂

The really wierd thing in all of this is that Keeshonden are not a very common breed, so for one to show up on our doorstep like that is pretty amazing. I guess someone could have dropped her off on purpose, but I cannot imagine why. Don’t know what we are going to call her yet as every name we’ve tried seems to fall of deaf ears… We’re running out of all the dog names we know, hopefully we’ll get lucky and figure out her name. Anyway, I’ll keep you posted.