Don't Rely on E-mail During Crunch Time

Hello all, sorry for the absence. Been busy as hell. Anyway, I wrote a rant awhile ago about how people who rely on email for “time-sensitive” information are simply foolish. As I was writing, it became so long that it was better suited as an article rather than a blog post. So “Don’t Rely on Email During Crunch Time” is out there on Intranet Journal. It even has my mug-shot goodness 🙂

This all stemmed from the zillion times over the years when users have yelled at me for their email taking too long to get somewhere. In pretty much 99% of the cases, it was some technical issues on the receiving end of the mail, so it wasn’t even our system’s fault. Each time I had to remind the user that I wouldn’t use email for time-sensitive mission-critical “oh-my-god-it-needs-to-be-there-now” type correspondence. Hopefully this gives you some ammo to do the same.

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