Sign up for Yahoo Music Unlimited!

Over the last year I’ve become a really big fan of subscription music services. Basically, you pay a monthly fee to have access to millions of songs. You can stream or download the songs, and they can be transferred to compatible devices. The downside is once you stop paying, you can no longer access your music.

Now I use Yahoo Music Unlimited. I download tracks and can transfer them to my Creative Zen Vision. The songs can play on one of three authorized computers (using Yahoo Music Jukebox) and I can also stream the songs to my XBox 360. So I can listen to them on my stereo (through the xbox), on the go (with my Zen Vision), or on one of three different computers. The other nice thing about the computers is that if I bookmark or download a track on one machine, it bookmarks or downloads to all three machines. So that means all three machines keep in sync automatically which is very nice.

I’m really not a fan of DRM, but this subscription model is working very nicely for me. Last Wednesday I downloaded 15 albums. At least 10 of them were recent releases that I was interested in. In the past I would have to limit what I could buy, now it’s all I can eat.

Now, the reason this is really good in my opinion right now, is that if you subscribe to Yahoo Music Unlimited and pay the yearly fee up front with a Mastercard, they will give you the second year free. So, for $119.88, that is $4.99 a month for all that access! And if you don’t need to transfer to a portable device, you could get it for $59.88 (or $2.50 a month.) The promotion with Mastercard goes through October 4th, so to get this great price, sign up before then.