Rockstar: Supernova… almost a new lead singer!

Well after last week we’re down to the final four. And my predictions were pretty spot on. I just figured there would be two guys and two girls left rather than three guys and a girl. Oh well. Pretty close though.

At this point I have to say that the edge goes to Toby in my opinion. He’s got good original songs, sounded good on the Supernova track and seems like he has a pretty clear voice. He still doesn’t have an “edge” or quite the stage presense that you like to see, but that could come around.

As for Dilana, she shot herself in the foot so much that I don’t think there is any way she’ll be the lead singer of Supernova. Magni is great, but probably too polished and not quite dirty or edgy enough for those guys.

Lukas is still my favorite, and I look forward to seeing music from him going forward. The problem he has is that his Canadian accent is so thick that it’s sometimes hard to understand what he’s singing. I’d love to see him head up Supernova, he’s got the edge, the dangerousness, and stage chops to really front the band. I just don’t know if it’ll happen.

So, here’s hoping for Lukas, but I’ll be happy if Toby takes it home too. Magni in third, Dilana in fourth 🙂

My wife so called the Toby thing too…since week one, she said it’ll be him.

Couple more days until we find out!