No CLP Discount for Lotusphere this year???

I posted a thread last week in the certification forums asking if there would be a Certified Lotus Professional discount for Lotusphere this year? The silence from official people in the forum has been deafening. That said, James Roysdon wrote to the registrar about this and got the following response:

We are still offering discounts this year. What’s new this year is – ALL discounts are based on dates, and are no longer unique to particular sub-groups. Please refer to the table posted at for further details. We encourage all of our loyal Lotusphere constituents to register early for the best price.

So, if I go early bird this year and get the BEST discount, it’s $1695. Which is exactly $500 $300 more than I paid last year. I’m not fond of this decision at all. Why do this discount for years and then drop it? This was one of the only tangible benefits I’ve gotten from my gazillion Notes certifications… [sigh]

EDIT: Ed is trying to help here, and I commented about the pricing on Rocky’s blog here. Thanks guys!
EDIT 2: My figures were off and Rod Stauffer let me know in the comments here and over at Rocky’s. Thanks Rod!