"…we are the mishaps that always happen in threes"

Well…looks like I’ll be attending another funeral here soon. My wife’s grandmother has probably less than a week to live. She’s being transported here today, and will either finish her days in a local hospice or possibly our house.

Why our house? Well, it used to be her’s. We own my wife’s grandparents house. It was built by her grandfather, and her Dad and uncles grew up here. Her grandfather even died here (in our bedroom to be exact.) The house has been in the family nearly 60 years at this point, and it only seems fitting that Anna may return here to pass on.

Needless to say, it’s not a good situation, and I’m not looking forward to another death around here so quickly, especially when it might happen in my office. But, Anna hasn’t been doing well for some time, so maybe this will bring some peace. I feel really bad for my father-in-law who seems to be taking it hard, and I know that Jen is being a real trooper, but probably not doing so well on the inside.

In a couple weeks we’re supposed to visit one of my best friends and his wife and kid. Well since this may throw a wrench into things, I wanted to let him know. Well, his wife just found out that her mother only has two weeks to live due to cancer. So the trip is called off, and they have their own things to deal with.

[sigh] Not a good few weeks… Hopefully this is the end of the proverbial trio of bad things…