Five frozen pizzas???

Since I’m Mr. fucking sunshine today, I figured I would let you know about something else scary. Over the week after forth of July, two of my co-workers had their homes robbed. One co-worker was out of town for a week, and when he returned, everything that basically wasn’t furniture was gone. All of his, his girlfriend, and their kids things were gone. It had happened to several other condos in his complex, so the police figure it was an inside job.

My other coworker left for the day on a Sunday, and when her and her husband returned home that evening, their home had been robbed. They basically removed the door frame and broke in. She was heartbroken because she had left her wedding ring at home, and all of her jewelry had been taken… along with the TV, both hers and her husband’s work computers, and five frozen pizzas. Five frozen pizzas??? Anyway, they live in a neighborhood, and no one saw anything on a Sunday afternoon.

How screwed up is THAT? One person visits a relative, only to return home to nothing. He was an uber geek too, running persistent servers, had a dual-Xeon DESKTOP as his own machine, etc. etc. And what do you tell your kids about all their stuff being gone? The other goes out for a nice Sunday afternoon and returns to find her place violated, and her wedding band gone.

So if you think you are immune to this kinda stuff, you’re not. None of us are. Apparently people can make off with moving vans full of stuff, or stroll into your house on Sunday in broad daylight.

Another one of the many reasons why I have dogs.