Declan Does Ditkas

Declan was in town this week to help me install WSE 2.6 (which went swimmingly by the way) and I thought that tonight we would go out for a good steak and some cigars. So I decided to go to Ditka’s Restaurant.

For those of you that don’t know, Mike Ditka was the coach of the Chicago Bears for many years, with the most famous being the 85-86 Super Bowl Champions. He’s always been a huge cigar smoker, and thus he has a very nice cigar friendly restaurant. Great steaks, great booze (Guiness on tap) and great cigars.

Well imagine my surprise when we walk in the front door, and there Da Coach is, standing next to the hostess talking to someone. Well, Declan was carrying my portable humidor and when we asked the hostess where the cigar lounge was (it’s upstairs) Ditka talked with us:

Ditka: What do you have there?
Declan: Cigars.
Ditka: What do you plan on doing with them?
Declan: Smoking them?
Ditka: Haven’t you heard that Chicago has a smoking ban?

By now I’m dying at the exchange. For one, Declan doesn’t really know HOW famous Mike Ditka is. Secondly, he didn’t know if Mike was being serious. Just then, da Coach got a big smile on his face and said:

Ditka: You guys light those up wherever you damn well please!

He slapped us on the shoulders and then headed into the bar. It was VERY cool. Our first time to Ditka’s and we got to meet the man! After we had a cigar and some drinks, Declan went downstairs to buy some of Ditka’s own cigars, and when he came back upstairs, he handed me a mini football. He had snagged it for me and had da Coach sign it.

"To John, Best Wishes, Mike Ditka H.O.F. 88"

A very cool gift! Thanks Dec. Anyway, a great way to spend a Thursday evening!!!