Busy this week, I WILL catch up…

This has been an unusually busy week, so I haven’t had much time to post things I want to here. Between seeing INXS in concert, watching finales of Lost, Alias, and American Idol, and installing WSE and hanging out with Declan, I just have not had much free time. I WILL catch up this weekend, I promise. These are the things I will touch on:

  • INXS Concert – I saw them this past Tuesday and they were amazing. I’ll tell you more later, and hopefully some of my fuzzy cameraphone pics will have turned out.
  • Alias series finale – I think it sucked, badly. Chris disagrees with me, but I’ll point out why he is so very very wrong. 🙂
  • American Idol finale – Wow, the two hours were really worth watching. I picked Katharine, but I’m really good at picking the runner-up it seems. All of the celebrity guests were awesome.
  • Lost finale – I think it was very good, and it answered some questions, but created so many more. DAMN THEM!!!
  • Workplace Services Express 2.6 – Declan and I have been working on getting WSE up on the bememoth server we just got. We actually got LDAP WORKING! We got SSO working! DB2…not so much, but that should change today. Is it wrong to be so surprised that the product is actually working though? I’ll have a full recap later this week. Also, we’re running it on 64 bit Windows 2003 server. Just in case your wondered if it worked that way 🙂

So, I’ll hit all those soon in far more detail. Stay tuned…