SnTT: Partnership

For Show-N-Tell Thursday we’ve seen all sorts of cool posts with tips, tricks, code, success stories etc. etc. Today, I want to do something a little different. I want to tell you about a partner to us and the Notes community, the PSC Group.

The PSC Group is a consulting firm that we have used this past year. They have done a tremendous job and are more than just our consultants, I would consider them partners at this point.

I say this because they have been great coders when we’ve needed them, great project managers when we’ve needed them, and have helped solidify our devotion to Notes and Domino. In the past year we’ve been short-handed, and we needed a some help. So, the folks at PSC helped us with a major software project that they coded, and helped us out with some internal code that we use for our extranet. Recently we’ve talked with them about our future plans and where everything fits in.

We are finally to a point where we are no longer short-handed (with hiring two full-time developers) but I still see PSC as a part of our team. Why? Well, with how well things have gone the past year, we’re getting more and more projects to do. So even though we have two developers, we now have more work than THEY can probably complete as well. Basically, by doing a good job on what they’ve done, they’ve helped strengthen Notes and Domino within our business. And because of that, we continue to set loftier goals for ourselves.

I also appreciate the fact that PSC hosts and Ed Brill’s, and Alan Lepofsky’s blogs. Those sites are arguably three of the most important ones in the Notes and Domino community, and I think it’s cool that PSC hosts them for free. So PSC isn’t just a partner to us, I feel that they are a partner to the community, and I just wanted to acknowledge that.

Now, hopefully, in future SnTT posts I’ll see more of YOU letting us know about the good consulting firms out there, as well as the tools you like to use from various vendors. It’s always good to know which firms and tools are the best to utilize, so I hope you all share with the class as well.