My path to Lotus Geekdom

Rocky has a cool post going on right now that shows the job path you’ve taken in your life to get to your current Lotus Geek status. Since these are going to be long, I thought I would do it here (while running the risk of being an Attention Seeking Whore) Anyway, this is my job path to becoming a certified Lotus Geek ©.

  • Dishwasher
  • Busboy
  • Drive-thru attendant at Hardee’s (a fast food restaurant)
  • Front line manager at a new Hardees’s (40 hours a week at 17)
  • Overnight drive-thru attendant at the original Hardee’s
  • Fry cook at a Long John Silvers (another fast food restaurant)
  • Campus Security admin/computer work (remember dBase?)
  • Campus Security dispatcher
  • Campus Security guard
  • Disk Jockey for 100,000 watt classic rock radio station
  • Music Director / Advertising / Station manager for our college radio station (different times)
  • Sandwich artist at Subway (sub sandwich shop)
  • Graduated from college with a BA in Communications with a Broadcast Journalism emphasis
  • Manager of a CD store (NRM music)
  • Home Audio Sales (Circuit City)
  • RV Sales
  • Home Audio Sales (Circuit City)
  • Bank Account Manager (glorifed teller Bank of America)
  • Bank Trainer (on Lotus Notes)
  • Bank Lotus Notes admin/developer
  • Opened my own side business doing web development
  • Lotus Notes Consultant
  • Lotus Notes Admin/Developer (one company for five years)
  • Lotus Notes Admin Developer (currently at two years in my current position)

One interesting period in my life was in college where I was working three main jobs during a summer (and still held the college radio stations Station Manager job, but we were in haitus.)

My weekends were as follows:

  • I would work from 5 PM to 11 PM at Subway,
  • Go to the classic rock station and DJ from midnight to 6AM,
  • Go to the campus security and work from 7AM to 3PM
  • Go back to Subway from 5PM to 11 PM,
  • Go back to the classic rock station from midnight to 6AM
  • Go back to campus security and work from 7AM to 3PM
  • Go back to Subway and work from 5PM to 10PM

Then, go to bed and pretty much sleep for a full day. Yes, you read that right. For almost an entire summer I did the above schedule. I usually had nothing going on Monday – Thursday, but come Friday night, I worked for over 48 hours straight. It was an interesting time. Thank goodness I didn’t take classes then.

How about you, what was YOUR job path?