What web calendar should I use?

Okay folks, question for you. I really want to start using a web calendar, so my wife and I can keep our schedules updated. I know that Google has entered the fray and there are others out there, but I want to hear from you folks on any that you are using and why (or not) I should use them too.

I want to accomplish a couple of things.

  • I want to sync with my computer. I can be directly to Notes OR to Outlook.
  • I can use DAMO to have Outlook sync with Notes, and then Outlook will also sync with my phone
  • I want to be able to view my wife’s calendar entries and selectively sync them as well
  • I want to deliniate between public and private entries
  • I want granularity on who I share the public web calendar portion of this with.

I don’t want much do I? 🙂

Any thoughts? Are you folks using anything that I should really be aware of?