Interesting Graph huh?

I’m a subscriber to PC Magazine and I think that overall, it’s a pretty good rag. Unfortunately, there was a weird article in today’s print issue (although it seems to have been available online since the 16th of last month.) The article is entitled "Life without Exchange" and it’s a quick look at alternatives to MS Exchange. The funny thing is that the article doesn’t even MENTION Notes, but instead includes this graphic:

PC Magazine Graph
graphic from April 11th, 2006 edition of PC Magazine, Page 138 of the print edition

Um, can someone explain this graphic to me? It says that "Numbers are percentages" so I’m assuming that means overall usage in the corporate market. If you look at last year, it shows Notes/Domino/Workplace at around 24%, Exchange on the upswing at maybe 32% and others at around 44%.

This says that as of last year, 44% of the CORPORATE messaging market was on something other than Notes or Exchange. That is absolutely, positively insane. How in the hell could anyone, even non-techy CEO’s, believe that number to be anything but bogus? How the hell could anyone even come up with such a number?

OHHHHHHHH, Radicati published that data. I see…. Makes TOTAL sense now.

It just amazes me that this stuff ever gets quoted as fact, especially by magazines that I respect. Can we get some fighting FUD action on this one IBM?