My Turn

Well, with the excitement that went on last week with my wife giving the dog the finger, I didn’t mention the plague that infested us. The youngest got the flu Monday night into Tuesday, and then the wife and eldest got it Thursday night into Friday. I thought I was in the clear when I made it through the weekend and Monday. Nope. Much like Mike I got it as well.

Overnight I couldn’t sleep very well and was having breathing problems (I’m ashmatic and am going OFF of Singulair (due to the side effects) so my breathing has been bad anyway. Then around five in the morning one flu symptom starts, and then at about six I was nauseous. Now I NEVER get sick like that… I’ve got a stomach of steel. So if I get sick in that manner…it’s the real deal.

I slept off and on (between sickness bouts and bathroom runs) for the last five hours. Ugh. Hopefully I didn’t transmit to anyone else, because this is NOT fun. Time to go see if I can finally keep some water down.