Keep sharp objects away from my wife, and fingers away from my dog!

Last night was interesting. My wife is a very good cook. Excellent in fact. As such, she owns some really good, really sharp knives. Most of them were bought for her by myself in fact. The problem with sharp knives is that they cut really really well…

You know where this is going don’t you? Yup, Jen cut off part of her thumb last night while making dinner. She was chopping up the last bit of parsley for a corn chowder she was making when she heard a noise in the other room (probably the girls fighting) and when she looked up, she chopped off the corner of her thumb. Instead of her thumb having a nice rounded corner, it now has a nice angular look to it.

Yes, she went to the emergency room where they finally stopped the bleeding and bandaged it up good. She also got a tetanus shot which she says hurts worse than her thumb.

Now, here’s the really funny part. After she had done it, she found the piece of her thumb she cut off, and as she was carrying it across the kitchen, she accidentally dropped it on the floor, where our dog Shadow promptly ate it! So now that Shadow has had a taste for human flesh we have to watch our backs. Who knows when we might awaken to find Shadow looking at us with “that look.”

I stayed home today to take care of her and the kids, and now I can finally use the excuse “Because my dog ate it!” 😀