SnTT: Using Domino as a cheap and dirty software distribution system

Hey all, quick one today. As I’m a Domino admin responsible for servers all over the country, I find myself upgrading servers and installing software remotely. Using Terminal Services or VNC really saves on time and headaches. The problem I have sometimes is that I have to get an install package to each one of those servers before I can do my work. A couple of the more remote offices have smaller pipes too, so pushing out the install packages gets to be kind of a pain.

Well, here’s an easy fix, a Lotus Notes-based software distribution database!

We have a small database here that has a VERY basic form with a place for attachments. It has a replica on every Domino server in our environment. Whenever I need to get something to all of my servers, I simply attach the install files into a form in the database. I normally do this right before I leave for the day. Then, overnight, Domino works it’s magic and replicates the database to all of my servers.

Mind-bogglingly simple, yet something I frequently see people have a need for. Hope it helps you “one person admin” shops! 🙂