Why was Jeff Eisen really really interested in Department Calendar?

I saw something really interesting on the Product Showcase last week. You see, I was interested in checking out Department Calendar, a product that basically allows you to departmentalize calendars and pull in info from everyone in a much easier manner than is currently available in Notes. When I went to the booth, they were busy talking to someone, so I decided to wait a bit.

Then I realized they were talking to Jeff Eisen.

I thought that was pretty interesting. Jeff spent a LONG time a their booth learning everything he could about the product. In fact, I wandered away and came back several times, and each time he was still there. Does it mean anything? I dunno, but it could mean one of two things:

  1. IBM Lotus is looking to buy Department Calendar and integrate it
  2. IBM is looking how to enhance their calendaring, and may implement much of what you already see in Team Calendar.

EIther way, improving the calendaring and scheduling in Lotus would be a welcome addition. I just hope it’s not at the expense of a little company.

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