Pictures will be posted next week…

Hey all, I WILL have my flickr pictures posted early next week. I shoot everything in RAW and then “develop” it into JPG. This allows me to get the best quality out of my shots. My monitor at home is also correctly color calibrated, so it tends to have better results than my laptop. Seeing as though I’ll be spending tomorrow with the family and Saturday travelling, I wouldn’t expect them before say Mon/Tues.

I took far fewer photos this year because lugging everything from the Beach Club was a tremendous pain in the ass, but some of the ones I did get are very good. But, with all of the digital SLR’s and the TONS of good little point-and-shoots there is NO shortage of lotusphere2006 photos! Currently there are 41 pages of photos and the lotusphere2006 tag is the most used tag of the last week on all of flickr. OUTSTANDING!

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