My wife the accomplice (an honorary sicko)

Last night at Seaworld was just an okay time. Okay, that sounded bad, so let me re-phrase. The company I kept was great, the park, not-so-much. I really think that geeks like more rides, and while Kraken kicked much ass, it was really the only thing in a ride-context, unless you wanted to get wet. And with the temperatures rapidly dropping, it wasn’t a good option.

But it was the first time my wife got to meet the rest of The Sickos, and I was really happy to introduce her. Many people (many, many actually) came up to her to give her their condolences and sympathy for having to put up with me. She is a saint, I do have to say! And, she helped out in a little mission that has endeared her to the community, and even my mother-in-law was involved if you can believe that.

If you saw the session from Paul Mooney and Bill Buchan this morning, Mr. Mooney whipped out his stick. No, no, he wasn’t wearing a kilt like Bill, It was actually one of those flashing torches that the SeaWorld staff were using to direct traffic around the park last night.

He unsuccessfully tried to buy one from a gentleman employee at one point, so undaunted, he found a beautiful female employee and started using his accent and man-whorish, boyish good looks to seduce one out of her. Now this girl’s boss was standing right next to her, and said “I see nothing” and thus with the approval of the boss, the young lass traded the torch for a kiss from one of our favorite irishmen.

So, since the worker traded it, and the boss basically gave her blessing, it was all above board, no crime was committed. But, Paul was concerned that he would get tackled by security upon trying to exit the park. He hadn’t really thought through the part of the plan on how to get this rather large apparatus OUT of the park unnoticed. Well my wife graciously offered up her jacket to Paul so he would have a place to conceal his newfound bounty. The jacket was actually my mother-in-law’s by the way.

So my mother-in-law helped an Irishman steal a torch that he traded sexual favors for… and my wife spent the night shiverring in the bitter cold… losing feeling in her fingers, and quite possibly coming down with pnemonia!


But it was all for a wonderful cause, and it made a brilliant addition to an already excellent presentation.

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